Photo_Jan_13,_2_20_12_PM.jpgHi and welcome to 3rd Graders Can iPad! I started out creating this Wiki to document our journey with iPads. Since then, I have added pages with resources to apps and Web 2.0 tools. Recently I have been using LiveBinder to save articles related to technology.

The Journal pages from the menu on the left are a monthly "play by play" of what my 3rd Graders accomplished with the iPads. When you see a picture of the app on the journal page, I have linked it to iTunes where more information is available. I also include instructional videos and links that I use to help teach students how to use the iPad and the apps.

The Resources page is a list of websites and apps the have countless lessons, ideas, and activities for use of iPads in education.

LiveBinders has my embedded LiveBinder with links to various articles from the iPad apps Zite and Pocket (which you can see on the Resource page as well). This LiveBinder has a collection of articles on technology that I found very useful.

To see how my class has incorporated iPad apps into their Writing Blogs, please visit

SLATE Prezi Presentation:

New Class, New Wiki for 2012-2013!

If you have comments or questions, feel free to email me at

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